Mobile Development

mobileapplicationdevelopmentMobile development – the building stage.

This is the stage of building the mobile software and then the application. During this time, an Oklahoma City company should open up the conversation about user engagement, workflow, etc with the selected mobile development partner. Discussions on topic such as colors and logos should wait for the later stages of development.

These questions need to be considered early in the building stage:

  • What will the user do in the app?
  • What is the app trying to achieve?
  • What is the end goal?

How can the process be made simple and straightforward for the user?

To ensure the app is successful, it needs to be easy to use from the beginning. The user should not have to take any time learning how to use the app. Smooth out simplicity and workflow issues before beginning programming.

A company can decide what type of app to develop once the workflow has been established. Know the details of these three different types of apps:

  1. Native apps – coded for a certain operating system like Apple iOS or Google Android. They are written separately for each, and are expensive and time-consuming to create. The main advantage is speed and ease of use.
  2. Mobile web apps – work on all operating systems, but must be connected to the Internet to function. They are cheaper to build, but are not as fast or smooth as native apps.
  3. Hybrid apps – some code is written in native and some is written to work with multiple platforms. Hybrid apps are a less expensive option and offer many of the advantages of native apps.

The development process will be guided by an experienced mobile development vendor. Remember that this process is continuous, development does not stop, even after the first version of the app is finished.

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